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DÀRK GLORY is a level 25, casual progression minded raiding guild. We prefer raid members that focus on the team ideals of raiding while having fun. If endgame raiding and progression is something you have been timid about trying but are interested in we do encourage you to get involved and our leadership team will assist you in time so as you can experience the content of World of Warcraft. We have planned for the establishment of additional raid teams as members are available and role requirements are met. If you chose to raid, be mature minded, appreciate the time dedication to it, and show patience as we all build the team to accomplish great things. If raiding is not in your interests, we still welcome mature minded people to come be part of our friendly guild atmosphere while you play at your own leisure and pace.

Guild Rules

1) Be Loyal to the guild and your raid team members efforts by being on time if you sign up.
2) Treat others with Respect by treating them the way you would want to be treated.
3) Show the Courage and Selflessness to stick with the team through the worsts of boss fights...
4) Execute the values above and Have fun >:DDD

Guild Ranks

Initiate: less than 28 days in guild, does not sufficently meet below requirements.

Troop: Exhalted Guild Rep and/or Active Player

Guard: Displays ability to assist fellow guild members through courteous tips/advice and grouping

Blood Guard: Trusted, drives guild grouping for dung runs, reliable for raid teams when called on

Elite and Blood Raiders: Trusted, contributes to overall raid team progression, reliable attendance records, mature minded and fun to raid with regardless of the number of wipes or rate of progression, cause it comes faster when ten people are like this..

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